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Downtown Atlanta
Downtown from Atlantic Station
Downtown Nashville
Old Venice
Coliseum at Night Rome, Italy
Downtown Birmingham
Canal Grande
Coliseum Rome
House in Birmingham
Atlanta Prison Farm Door
Atlanta Gets Hit by Lightening
Atlanta Prison Farm

About: Robert Bailey

Photography is a hobby of mine. I do not have a particular focus on any one subject matter, but enjoy taking pictures of just about anything. I got into photography at the age of 14 by one day picking up a camera I found in a closet. Though the camera was broken, I messed around with it and fixed it. I went to the store, bought some film and I was off taking pictures of just about everything I could find. Then, however, the camera was stolen. I could not afford another camera until later in life. I planned a trip to Europe and I wanted to take pictures of my trip. I bought a little point and shoot. It was not a bad camera, but then I discovered it did not have the ability to take night shots. So I bought a Canon 20D and my passion has taken off ever since.

I have since upgraded my camera since my wife stole my old camera. She has also started taking better pictures than me (well children pictures). You can check her work out at Setptember Morn Photography also you can find some of our work at Stella Graves Bailey and at Stellaween

Over 20 years ago I discovered a passion; a passion for photography. On and off I messed around with cameras simply as a hobby, but over the past few years I’ve taken it to a new level and now offer this art that I love to others. I don’t really have any one particular focus, but love to search for and capture the interesting elements of just about anything.

Please contact me if you are interested in my work. If you are in search of a wedding photographer, please visit my other site at www.rybweddingphotography.com.

Contact: Robert Bailey

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